Who We Are

We are here to help you navigate your adventures at Iowa State. When you are unsure where to go for help or when the unexpected occurs in your life, the staff in Student Assistance is available to provide support and information about university resources.

Many students unexpectedly face difficult times during college. Unexpected life events, personal challenges, or other difficulties can interfere with college success. Whether it is something as simple as not being able to find one of your classes to something as tragic as the loss of a loved one, the Student Assistance staff will listen to your experiences and help you understand ISU policies and services that may assist in your situation. We are knowledgeable about the campus and community resources that can assist as well as general problem solving strategies.

The mission of the Office of Student Assistance at Iowa State University is to help students achieve academic success, personal growth, and well-being by providing direct support and connection to appropriate university and community resources. Through responsive services and assistance, we aim to empower students to overcome obstacles, make informed decisions, connect to other resources on campus, and achieve their educational goals. Further, in collaboration with campus partners, we seek to create a caring and enriching environment for all students and members of the Iowa State community. Our commitment aligns with the mission of the University and Division of Student Affairs, emphasizing the importance of serving all students and promoting their overall well-being and success throughout their academic journey.

Meet our Team

  • Kipp Van Dyke

    Kipp Van Dyke

    Associate Dean of Students for Student Assistance and Academic Success


  • Megan Van Heiden

    Megan Van Heiden

    Senior Assistant Director


  • Kody Henke

    Kody Henke

    Assistant Director


  • Tim Reuter

    Tim Reuter

    Assistant Director


  • Milly Agai

    Milly Agai

    Intake Coordinator


Student Assistance Office Spaces

Our team is intentional about creating a space that is welcoming and inclusive to all. The office spaces are representative of the staff that are in them; cozy, comforting and an open space for you to share freely. We hope you feel welcomed and comfortable when you are meeting with any of our team.

Photo of main lobby of Student Services Building
Photo of Kody's office
Photo of office space in Student Assistance