Common Resource Reference Guide

Below you will find a quick reference of some of the more common resources student utilize during their time at Iowa State University. Don't see what you are looking for? Reach out to our team and we would love to help!

    24/7 Crisis Support

    We are here for you. Crisis resources are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

    Option for students believing a faculty member (in their academic capacity) behaved unfairly or unprofessionally regarding a grade/decision/situation

    Start by reviewing the Academic Grievance and Appeals Website. Have additional questions? Reach out to Student Assistance to seek further guidance.

    The Academic Success Center offers tutoring, supplemental instruction (SI), academic coaching, and assistance with written, oral, visual, and electronic communication services

    Review the services they offer at the Academic Success Center. Not sure where to start? Try the Academic Success Navigator to learn about the best next step for you. 

    Student Accessibility Services works with students with documented disabilities. They offer accommodations for students for academic, housing, dining, facilities, and/or Assistance Animal Accommodations.

    To learn more about how to request accommodations, you can visit the Student Accessibility Services website for more information. 

    Student Counseling Services (SCS) provides counseling services to help students achieve their educational and personal goals. SCS supports the holistic well-being of every Iowa State student and promotes a healthy and inclusive community through clinical services, outreach, consultation, crisis intervention and collaboration with campus partners. 

    If you would like to learn more about counseling services offered at ISU, you can contact Student Counseling Services by calling 515-294-5056 or you can learn more by visiting their website

    Therapy Assistance online (TAO) is a free online self-help tool with instant access to resources that will help you navigate your mental wellbeing. TAO is a suite of online tools that is designed to provide you with a tool kit of effective evidence-based resources to help you bounce back from those setbacks. You have completely anonymous, free access, 24/7/365.

    To learn more about TAO and sign-up, you can visit their website for more details. 

    When students need to be absent due to a crisis situation and/or an unexpected situation and are unable to contact their individual instructors directly, the Office of Student Assistance can send out email notification to a student's faculty. 

    Click here to learn more about the emergency notification process at ISU. 

    The Office of Financial Aid is available for questions regarding financial aid packages or financial assistance (loans, scholarships, grants).

    If you have questions about financial aid options or assistance, you can reach out to their team at 515-294-2223 or by email at

    The SHOP Food Pantry is a free food pantry for students and staff. They provide bags and are available at different locations on campus.

    You can learn more about the hours and locations of The SHOP on their website

    Under certain situations where a student’s health or well-being prevents continued enrollment, the student may initiate medical withdrawal procedures.  Students may indicate a medical rationale when completing the Request for Withdrawal form. 

    Learn more about the medical withdrawal process, as well as the process to return to ISU after a medical withdrawal. 

    Students will be able to get support for any academic related question such as dropping a class, registering, or withdrawing, from their academic adviser. If students are unsure of their academic adviser or want to get additional support, they can reach out to the Student Services office for each College.

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    Human Sciences




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    Veterinary Medicine


    I appreciated how welcoming and helpful the office is! I feel comfortable and at home there.

    What to Expect

    We know that it can be challenging to ask for help, and even more difficult when you aren't sure what to expect. We hope the information below helps you gain a better understanding of what you can expect when you meet with someone from our team. 

    The Student Services Building is located at 2505 Union Dr. across the street from Friley Residence Hall. You can enter the building through the main doors in the photo. An accessible entrance, equipped with automatic door openers, is located at the north (main entrance) door. Student Assistance is located on the main floor. Accessible parking spaces are located in the parking lot just west of the building. When you arrive for your appointment, you can check-in at the front desk located just inside the main entrance.

    When scheduling an appointment, it will be helpful to share some information with the staff about what you are experiencing, what you have already done for support, and if you are currently utilizing any resources here at ISU. This will help our team have a better understanding of how we may be able to assist you.

    Once you arrive for your meeting, the staff member you are meeting with will come to the lobby and bring you back to their office for the meeting. The office spaces are representative of the staff that are in them; cozy, comforting and an open space for you to share freely.

    During the meeting, the Student Assistance staff member will welcome you, and ask what brings you into the office. You can share a bit about your concerns and what information you think is helpful for them to know. From there, staff will talk with you about some possible next steps, options you have, and resources you may find helpful.