Faculty and Staff

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Faculty and Staff Resources

The Dean of Students Office has a number of resources available to assist faculty and staff members with student-related concerns.

If you have concerns for a student, or need to consult on what to do next, the Dean of Students Office is here to help! You can call to speak to a Student Assistance staff member at 515-294-1020, send an email to studentassistance@iastate.edu, or you can refer a student via our "refer a student" link at the bottom of the page.

Student Assistance has a variety of resources to help Faculty and Staff support and refer students to appropriate services. This guide highlights emergency contact information as well as non-emergency support and resources for students. If you would like a hard copy of this resource guide, please email our team at studentassistance@iastate.edu. 

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Tips for talking to students with concerns

If you would like a member of the Student Assistance team to know about a concern you have, please complete our referral form and a member of our team will be in contact with you. 

Sharing with faculty and staff how to refer a student to Student Assistance
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Helping You Support Students

As faculty and staff members, you are an integral part of the student experience at ISU. The Office of Student Assistance serves as a resource to staff and faculty by consulting on student concerns, addressing students in distress, and talking through next steps to support a student in your class.

We want to help you to support students in creating a welcoming and caring environment at ISU. If you have concerns for a student or questions about next steps, give us a call at 515-294-1020. 

I’m grateful for the support and collaboration from Student Assistance. It is always nice to celebrate together when we hear about student success stories, particularly after they have received support from multiple staff or faculty on campus.


We understand that there are many unique challenges that can arise for students during an academic year, and we want to partner with you to support student academic success and student well-being. If you are concerned about a student, or are unsure what to do to support them, we would love to work together to provide support. We encourage you to contact our office by phone to consult about a student situation; our team will be happy to provide guidance on next steps or recommendations to consider when supporting a student. 

You can contact our team by calling 515-294-1020.