Faculty and Staff Resources

The Dean of Students Office has a number of resources available to assist faculty and staff members with student-related concerns.

If you have concerns for a student, or need to consult on what to do next, the Dean of Students Office is here to help! You can call to speak to a Student Assistance staff member at 515-294-1020, send an email to studentassistance@iastate.edu, or you can refer a student via our "refer a student" link at the bottom of the page. 

Student Assistance has a variety of resources to help Faculty and Staff support and refer students to appropriate services. This guide highlights emergency contact information as well as non-emergency support and resources for students. If you would like a hard copy of this resource guide, please email our team at studentassistance@iastate.edu. 

Graphic with resources for faculty and staff

Tips for talking to students with concerns

Sharing with faculty and staff how to refer a student to Student Assistance